Meet Julie

WordPress Fanatic, Problem Solver, Business Strategist, your New Tech Bestie

Psst!  I made this checklist for all you DIY-ers out there!

You’ve jumped onto this thing called the world wide web, put yourself out there, and are ready for whatever comes next. Maybe you hired a professional to put your website together for you, maybe you purchased a semi-personalized theme, or maybe you went head first into the world of DIY WordPress… no matter which path you took, they have all led to the same place.

Now What?


You might not have realized there are actually many more “next steps” when it comes to your website.  You have your basic maintenance that needs to be done just to keep your WordPress site working.  Then you have your safety precautions like daily backups and weekly security scans to make sure your site stays safe and that if anything unexpected happens, you don’t lose a thing!  Then, there are the growing pains you will soon experience as you need to add videos, make edits, grow an email list, sell something… you get the picture.  That’s what the Smart Site HUB was created for.

As much as I would like to take all the credit for the HUB, this was actually a collaboration between myself and Sarah Masci of Bracken House Branding and The Simple Brand Academy.  As a designer, Sarah enjoys creating beautiful works of art on the web, but wasn’t super excited about the tech required to make certain pieces work or maintaining sites once they were built.  Luckily, that stuff was right up my alley.  We started working together at the beginning of 2016 and made a great team!  After a couple of years, Sarah realized she would rather remove that tech stuff completely from her plate as she was still the point of contact for her clients and so the Smart Site HUB was born!

Hello! I’m Julie.


I have worked with WordPress since I started my first business in 2010.  I sold that business in 2014 after realizing I was far more excited about the online business strategy that went into it than the actual business.  I have designed websites, troubleshooted websites, worked with designers, integrated new tech, studied online business strategy, and have loved (almost) every minute of it!

I’ve been where you are, no matter where you are at in your journey.  At one time I thought plugins were the answer to all of my problems (when actually there are better ways!).  I’ve purchased themes in the hopes that I would be able to create what I had in my head only to realize that they didn’t allow for the customization I was dreaming of.  I’ve used images that took up way too much space.  I’ve learned HTML and CSS.  I’ve stayed up on best practices.  So whether you are new to WordPress or have been around the dashboard for a while, just know that whatever you are currently facing, I can say with 93% certainty that “I’ve been there, done that”.  And whether you’re a DIY-er or in need of DFY services, just know I’m in this with you… wherever you might find yourself!

When I’m not at the computer…


I live in the San Juan Islands (off the coast of WA) with my partner in crime, Tucker-the-dog.  We spend our time island hopping on our sailboat, going on adventures, making new friends, visiting with wildlife and eating lots and lots of French fries.

Now for a few things you didn’t know you wanted to know about me!


I can say (or sing) my ABCs backwards.


I’m an April Fools baby.


I can tell when I get a new freckle.


My favorite food is French fries.

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