Minimalist Member (Month to Month)

Minimalist Member (Month to Month)

Daily Backups
Weekly Plugin Updates
Weekly Theme Updates
Weekly WordPress Updates

$24.00 / month with a 30-day free trial

The Minimalist is exactly what is sounds like! Each week we will run safe updates on your site to keep it running smoothly. This includes: WordPress updates, Theme updates + Plugin updates Daily backups of your site will also be done so if you ever run into any trouble, we can quickly revert your site back to a previous date (which, depending on your particular circumstances, can save you so much time and frustration!). This package is for you if you just need the basic upkeep. You most likely design/work on your own site or have a designer you work with who makes changes for you, so you don’t need to take advantage of the discounted hourly rate that comes with the other packages. Each week you will receive a SSH report that will show you everything that has been done over the last 7 days.


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